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The Diamonds then sent out the Corrupting Light as a final resort, regardless of the evacuation status. Club causing "agonized cries of a rabid, starving, pained cult following". The coloring was done by Jones-Quartey. The Balearic Islands look remarkably different, and they are located near the northern coast of Africa, instead of the southern coast of Spain. Because of the characters' personalities, Garnet is square, Amethyst is a sphere and Pearl is a cone. This is possibly due to animation errors. Before sending the episode to one of the studios, animation director Nick DeMayo and his team create a plan for the animators after reviewing the animatics. With great success, the Prime Kindergarten efficiently produced new Gems, many of them being of the Quartz variety.

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The first Kindergarten on Earth, referred to as the Prime Kindergarten was established to serve the purpose of creating new Gems. The ocean has flooded much of southern China's coast. However, the Homeworld Gems, including the Diamonds, were not aware of this and continued to seek vengeance on Rose Quartz for shattering Pink.

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Is she trapped inside his Gem? This Gem facility is at the same place as the Tunguska event a presumptive meteor airburst in Well-known holidays such as Christmas or Halloween do not exist as such in this world though there are some generically similar holiday periods.

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Delmarva is a state, in which Beach City is located. After the primary backgrounds are painted, they are sent to the color stylist, who chooses colors for a character or prop from model sheets, matching and complementing the storyboard and background. Her Pearl suggested that she disguise herself as one of them and thus the persona of Rose Quartz was created.

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In the second season, Peridot allies with and eventually joins the Crystal Gems to prevent Earth's destruction by a Gem "geo-weapon" buried in the planet. Conception Rebecca Sugar , creator of Steven Universe Ian Jones-Quartey , supervising director of Steven Universe In , after former Cartoon Network vice-president of comedy animation Curtis Lelash asked the staff for ideas for a new series, Rebecca Sugar—an artist working for the network's series Adventure Time —described her initial ideas for what would become Steven Universe, and the project was chosen for development. Although the Crystal Gems are intended to be serious characters, the writers wanted them to be "funny and weird" as well. Sugar likes to review and re-draw scenes and characters to add extra pathos and emotion to storyboards. The coastline of Eastern Asia has drastically changed. In other episodes, the shadows are normal. In real life, Dhawar is a settlement in India, which may imply that "Dhawar" replaces India on this earth. The ocean has flooded much of southern China's coast. The series' storyboard artists are also its writers. Jones-Quartey wanted to work with something new, retaining elements of the show's previous project.

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The slogan Bill quotes is a reference to the real-life Israeli-Palestinian conflict , but it is unknown if these political entities exist in the show. She transformed into Rose Quartz and gave up her existence to create a half-human child, Steven Universe. The primary backgrounds are made in Burbank; the secondary ones by Korean artists.

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This is possibly due to animation errors. The drawings play a major role in forming episode ideas; Sugar looks at these designs and occasionally makes changes to key poses. Before sending the episode to one of the studios, animation director Nick DeMayo and his team create a plan for the animators after reviewing the animatics. Empire City is its direct geographical analog of New York City.

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