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Popcorn Time Popcorn Time is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms to watch free movies or series. In terms of quantity and quality of content, nothing to do with Megadede and AppFlix. Popcorn time With a concept very different from other applications to watch series online, Popcorn Time is committed to doing it view content via Torrent link. In seconds you can be watching practically any show you want to see on your Android, so long as you have a good Internet connection. We can also see content related to WWE, among other things. Megadede and nine other websites to watch movies and series online Megadede remains one of the portals par excellence to watch both movies and online series. Spain, Latin Spain, English, original version … Ultradede The alternative to Megadede comes from the hands of other creators, and none other than Ultradede, a platform that currently only has a web version. Once you've picked the site just search for the series and episode you want to watch, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Despite this, the app has its own catalog that allows us to see a large part of the series and films present in the rest of the options through a simple click. The strengths are, perhaps, the number of links the website has and the variations in the language when selecting specific chapters or movies.

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And when you tap a link you can opt to open the show right in the app or play it in your favorite media player. Like the others, you can access the file of each episode or movie, watch the trailer, see the duration or the release date and read the synopsis. Like the aforementioned alternative, its download is available in the main application stores. Subscribe to receive the latest technological news in your mailbox.

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To register you only need an email, a username and a password. FreeFlix The best alternative to AppFlix what we can find today if what we are looking for is an application to watch series and movies online. The good thing the number of advertising present in the application compared to that of the web is practically null once we have managed to access DixMax.


RepelisPlus The application is very similar to AppFlix and with comparable content to other extinct websites such as Megadede or Plusdede. You can find it in application markets such as Uptodown or on the official AppFlix page and just download the. Megadede is a free platform to watch series and movies but it is not the only one that offers you the best online releases without paying for them. With a design practically tracked from Netflix, RepelisPlus focuses its content on Spanish series and films, although we can also find the title in the original version.

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Use torrent files so you can watch any movie but add a multimedia player that allows you to watch them without downloading them. Like others, you can sign up for Vidcorn. Top 10 Pelispedia alternatives for Boasting over 1 million visitors per day, Pelispedia. Movies can be downloaded in FullHD , in Spanish and Latin and every day they promise to update the content available on the web. As well we can find Japanese novels, better known as doramas in Spanish. The application is not yet available. Recuerda que este servicio no aloja ninguno de los vídeos ofrecidos, sino que simplemente enlaza a ellos. In this case, the home screen lets us filter by what we see in the beginning, genre, movies, highlights, series, and Spanish movies.

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There is quite a lot of content although it does not have a catalog as extensive as others on this list but it is well classified by categories so you will not find it difficult to find what you are looking for. Try again in 1 minute. For the rest, the application has the same options as the other alternatives to Octostream: possibility to view and download content through third-party pages.

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After the closing of Pordede and Plusdede, Megadede allows access with the passwords of the previous pages, something that makes things easier and prevents us from having to create new accounts. The best of all is that The application is located within the main app stores, as is the Play Store and App Store. An application whose interface mimics that of Netflix and HBO.

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