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Poor mouth hygiene or careless brushing can cause infection even in a fully healed piercing. It is important to ensure excellent oral hygiene to avoid any possible infections in the pierced area. The piercer can also teach you proper aftercare methods to help reduce the risk of getting an infection and rejection. Jewelry types you can use for this type of piercing include a: Captive bead ring. Whenever the wearer gives a wide grin on the face, the beautiful jewelry adorning the upper lip frenulum is naturally exposed. How much will it cost? Rinse your mouth with saline solution or a sea salt rinse 2 — 3 times daily. Spicy foods — Yep, spicy foods can irritate your wound. You know what to expect now, so go out there and find yourself a qualified piercer in a clean studio and get yourself a new smiley to enhance that beautiful smile.

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It is usually a very low pain on the pain scales. Poor mouth hygiene or careless brushing can cause infection even in a fully healed piercing. The feeling of pain will be higher if the piercing gets too close to the gum or lip.

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A professional body piercer will provide you with a printout that will have all the rules you should follow, and they will really spend some time with you and go over each one. Even using a Non-alcohol mouthwash can irritate if you are rinsing too much. The good news is that the needle portion of the procedure only lasts a few seconds, so it should be over after a deep inhale and exhale.

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The barbells of the jewelry should not rub against the gum or teeth. On an average day you will rinse your mouth out about times. Poor mouth hygiene or careless brushing can cause infection even in a fully healed piercing. A high amount of precision and accuracy is needed to pierce the frenulum in the right area.

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Stick to karat yellow or white gold during the healing process. If you do so you will not only increase the time it takes yourself to heal but you will increase your risk of infection. The frenulum is so small, and the area sees a lot of movement, so the piercing will eventually be rejected. Circular barbell. If you notice any, it is advisable to consult your piercer. Step Five To avoid plaque formation, brush the piercing area near the jewelry. Yes, I know, your parents always said you should share with your friends. When you are wearing the captive bead rings CBR the ball of the ring might rub against your teeth and gum which leads to a gradual erosion of teeth and gum. Bacteria can also be introduced via kissing, smoking, and other oral activities.

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Circular barbell. Emilie Jackson Hello! It is done on the frenulum between the gum and lower lip. You may experience mild pain and swelling during the first couple of weeks.

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And if you are curious if this piercing can damage your teeth, yes it can. While all piercings do have a chance to migrate anytime you have very thin tissue this chance increases. Emilie Jackson Hello! Other disqualifying oral conditions may include gum disease , dental sealants, and periodontitis.

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