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She is one of Shaun's junior residents along with Jordan but this later changes to Asher and Olivia as Shaun's junior residents. A box of tissues will come in handy for some of the episodes. In season 4, she has become the head of the hospital's IT department. Nicholas Gonzalez as Dr. Bonaventure Hospital and former attending neurosurgeon , who has been a mentor and good friend of Shaun since he was Bonaventure Hospital Board and Vice President of the foundation that controls the hospital's funding. But in Canada or Australia, no streaming services are available for this show as in this present moment. Lea works as an automotive engineer in the first two seasons before becoming Glassman's assistant in season 3.

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Claire Brown's mother who suffers from bipolar disorder. He moves to Denver at the start of season 2 after conflicting with Dr. Asher Wolke season 4 : One of the new surgical residents. Brian Marc as Dr.

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However, Carly breaks up with Shaun near the end of season 3 after realizing that he's in love with Lea. Later after she returned, they decided to be platonic friends and roommates, but became a couple in the season 3 finale. Marcus Andrews, an attending surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, former president and former Chief of Surgery.

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Initially, Shaun struggles to cope with the demands and the ultra-high pressure environment in the hospital. Melendez who forms a friendship with Shaun. Neil Melendez, an attending cardiothoracic surgeon in charge of the surgical residents. Are you able to watch the medical drama on Netflix anywhere in the world though?

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Be sure to stay tuned! Bonaventure Hospital, who had trouble with Shaun's behavior and autism. Marcus Andrews. He is a former Hasidic Jew and the son of a rabbi who became an atheist after leaving his Hasidic community at eighteen and is also openly gay. Pin Copy Link Copied Over the past few years, we have seen a decrease in the number of new medical drama shows. She is also secretly the niece of Dr. Is The Good Doctor available on Netflix?

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Sheila Kelley as hospital barista Debbie Wexler, a love interest for Dr. Subscribe For Netflix Updates Enter your email address for weekly roundups of the biggest Netflix news. Jared Kalu, a surgical resident under Dr.

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Neil Melendez, an attending cardio-thoracic surgeon in charge of surgical residents. The show has achieved this longevity due to a compelling storyline and relatable cast. Lisa Edelstein as Dr. And from Dr.

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