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Good dry braking distance, but relatively low handling time. On a Golf Replacing 2 Goodyear efficent grip performance good tyres but awkward road feedback. Turanza T Tyre Compound The modern passenger car tyre from Bridgestone uses a completely new compound with unique mixing technology. The usual advice is to put the newest tyres on the rear of the car. Mentioned below is the long list of rim size offered by Bridgestone India for its T Turanza series tyre. The high-performance tyre can nearly fit all the leading premium and luxury cars.

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I'm a bit disappointed that I got touring tyres with a sporty car and I'm considering selling them and getting the Michelin PS4. Good overall grip, and hope it lasts as long as goodyears. I 'm about to replace after

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I have to say I noticed the car runs smoothier than before, and also less noisy. Very happy with the tyre, seems to be a very good all-around tyre. The prompt steering response thrusts confidence and allows exceptional handling during long-distance travels.

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They give ample warning of impending loss of cornering grip, which is as equally as important as outright grip. Bridgestone was 2. Can I please have some advice? Mentioned below is the long list of rim size offered by Bridgestone India for its T Turanza series tyre.

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I never know what the wheels are doing. The unique compound also plays a handy role in fuel savings. I didn't use them yet, as I'm now on winter tyres. In wet road condition, i feel there is no big differences. I have balanced the tires in 3 different professionals 4 times in total but nothing changed. I guess you know you're doing a great job! Am I suppose to feel this way while driving?. The braking distance was 8. A new addition in the Turanza line-up, Turanza T — the premium long-distance summer tyre for passenger cars — saw its international debut in the year

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Its pattern design ensures safety and avoids the risk of hydroplaning in wet weather conditions. A good question. Good response. TPMS typically delivers these alerts to the driver through one of two types of warning lights on the dashboard.

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Its my wife's daily car so sportiness isn't the main thing here but good wet performance is up there. The tyre features optimised pattern design that allows excellent traction and water drainage. These are for summer use only.

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